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Everyone! It's friday! So what that means at BareKnuckle Leather. Time for your favorite cocktail, maybe even your favorite cigar and enjoy this cold evening. Sometimes you need to take some time to reflect on things in your life, past and present. Somethings in your past do define who you are, and your character. It's also important to understand that everyone's character is different. Being unique is what makes this country great. We are the only successful multi-national republic on earth. What an amazing country. Be proud of the cultures we share here. It is important. Turn the tv off and get out there and thank someone for just being a good person. Let's start a trend, recognizing character content should be recognized. Go tell someone, "Thank you for being an American!" God Bless, God speed. Have a safe and amazing weekend, and never stop thinking BareKnuckle Leather! ~Chris Harris Founder/Lead Leather Craftsman BareKnuckle Leather Company LLC

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